Cycling… The Coast 2 Coast Event

    Cycling… The Coast 2 Coast Event

    It has been around two weeks since the cycle ride took place. The “never again” that followed immediately after the event and for the few days after has let way to wondering if I could do better next year. It is amazing how quickly the mind forgets!

    We were lucky with the weather: it was neither hailing nor excessively windy (both of which I had endured as part of my training) but instead a gloriously sunny day. As a team of seven we set off with smiles on our faces, filled with excitement for what the day would hold. Some of us had completed the event in the past whereas others (such as me) had no idea what the route was like.

    I had been advised to keep eating throughout the event, which I duly did, and not to start off too quickly as I would soon tire, which I also managed to do. It was, however, a very tough route which took me many, many hours to complete with some ‘hills’ which I am not sure my car would make it up – or at least that's how it seemed when I was struggling to make it to the top!

    I did, however, make it to the top of each and every one of those hills (and they really do keep coming and coming around Dorset and Somerset!) and completed the route, much to the relief of my colleagues and me, as we had started to wonder whether I would make it. Huge thanks must go to my husband who motivated me and kept me going when I was ready to sell the bike.

    The event itself is well organised and well supported. Road users were very tolerant of us all descending on them and the pit stops worked like well oiled machines. I am grateful to everyone involved in the event and I take my hat off to everyone who finished.

    I wish to thank everyone who has sponsored my colleagues and me - it means so much to us all. We’ve raised a total of £845 so far, and your support will be put to such great use by the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. Thank you...

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