Cycling from London to Paris

    Cycling from London to Paris

    Our Business Excellence Manager, Phil Stocker, is spending the next few days cycling the long journey from London to Paris to raise funds for Rowcroft Hospice. We'll post updates of his journey here.

    London to Paris Day One

    Le Grand Depart. 197 of us left Selsdon Park Hotel in South London at 7.15am this morning under cloudless skies. Watch out Chris Froome: we're out to catch you. On y va!

    London to Paris cycling group


    London to Paris Phil Stocker
    Phil Stocker


    Halfway to Dover already! 10.45am and time for lunch...

    London to Paris time for lunch

    Actually no cake was eaten... A nice healthy rice/pasta salad instead.

    Now 58 miles in and still smiling.


    58 miles and still smiling!


    Now at Dover. Long way to come for a beach! And they're better than this in Dorset and Somerset. Those cliffs could do with a clean as well...

    London to Paris White Cliffs of Dover

    Can we go on this ferry please? And perhaps a bit further than Calais...

    London to Paris ferry

    Just enough time for an ice cream. Of course, this is why crossbar bags were invented!

    London to Paris crossbar bag

    London to Paris Day Two

    Long day yesterday: 107 miles, making it 190 in total so far. That means only 100 to Paris. Yay!

    Can we have roads this straight and empty in the UK please?

    London to Paris straight roads

    Look: healthy lunch!

    London to Paris day 2 lunch

    Ah no wait...

    London to Paris day 2 cake

    How does that song go? 'Sur le pont d'Amiens...' No wait: that was Avignon.

    London to Paris bridge

    Hotel looks a bit old-fashioned...

    London to Paris alternative hotel?

    London to Paris Day Three

    Amiens to Creil: 61 miles, making 250 in total.

    Still smiling here: must be before climbing any hills…

    London to Paris Phil is still smiling

    First hill of the day

    London to Paris first hill of the day

    Lunch: no photo of cake today but it was awesome!


    More straight, empty roads…

    London to Paris more straight roads

    Biggest and best hill - yes, there is a level of insanity where it's possible to enjoy climbing hills… Baking hot as well.

    London to Paris biggest hill

    London to Paris Final Day

    310 miles: job done! Riding round Paris in a peloton of 200 was awesome! All the crowds were cheering and waving like we were pros (maybe some of them thought we were the pros from the Tour, finishing a day early...)

    London to Paris finished!

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