Covid-19 and family breakdown

    Covid-19 and family breakdown

    Below is a list of frequently asked questions about family breakdown during the Covid-19 outbreak.

    My relationship has broken down, can I still get a divorce during lockdown?

    Yes, you can still apply for a divorce, and move towards sorting arrangements for children and future financial arrangements.

    Sadly, the enforced lockdown is likely to cause added pressure faced by families already suffering difficulties in their relationship. We are here for you though. Our Family Law Team is working remotely and able to advise by telephone, FaceTime, Skype and email.

    I have a court hearing coming up about my divorce, will it still take place?

    The courts are currently shut for almost all face-to-face hearings, with the majority of hearings being held remotely, either by telephone or by video link, such as Skype. Whilst the Court is trying to present a "business as usual" face, there were already significant delays in the Family Court system prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. Due to staff shortages and remote working, this is likely to increase and so some non-urgent family matters may be postponed.

    The Family Court is encouraging financial First Appointment hearings to be dealt with by the parties on paper, by agreeing what directions they seek from the court to progress their case.

    It is also encouraging Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) hearings to be conducted privately, with the parties jointly instructing an experienced financial remedy solicitor or barrister to hold a private, out of court, FDR appointment. The solicitor or barrister would conduct the hearing instead of a judge, giving an indication to them as to how their case should resolve and encouraging them to reach an agreed settlement.

    How will the economic impact of lockdown affect my divorce settlement?

    If you are currently negotiating a financial settlement, you will need to consider whether it is still appropriate to use the pre-pandemic valuations for your assets as these may no longer be accurate. This includes the valuations for property, investments, business assets and pensions. It may be necessary to obtain up-to-date valuations of assets before reaching a financial agreement, although probably not before the lockdown is lifted and we have a clear picture of the impact of the health crisis on the economy.

    Thought should be given to the appropriate timing of financial agreements. For some, it may well be prudent to delay resolving financial matters until the future is clearer.

    Where financial orders are already in place containing provisions for the payment of spousal maintenance, there will inevitably be applications made back to the Family Court to seek an increase, or decrease, in the amount being paid due to the change in financial circumstances. The current situation may also have an effect on the amount of child maintenance an individual can pay for their children.

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    This information is given to the best of our knowledge and does not constitute individual legal advice upon which you can rely. The situation relating to Covid-19 is constantly evolving and may have changed since this document was produced. For up to date advice on your own situation, please contact us before taking any action.

    Last updated 8 April 2020

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