Coronavirus action plan for managing your workforce

    Coronavirus action plan for managing your workforce

    Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks you can't fail to have noticed the rapidly escalating concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19; or as it is now more commonly referred to, Coronavirus ('the virus').

    The virus, which was declared a global health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organisation (‘WHO’) on 30 January 2020, has continued to spread outside of China, with over 20,000 confirmed cases. Medical experts believe that the virus spreads from human to human in a similar fashion to the common cold.

    With latest estimations from the Government that at its height a fifth of the UK workforce is likely to be absent with the virus, many of our clients are now starting to approach us to understand how they can best prepare themselves for such an eventuality. Of particular concern to them is ensuring what procedures they can legitimately and lawfully put in place to manage their workforce in the face of such an outbreak, including the position regarding payment of sick pay.

    Coronavirus and your staff - we can help!

    We have prepared a helpful standalone 'Infectious Disease Policy' for you to slot into your staff handbook which covers these main aspects, giving you certainty in these uncertain times - all for the nominal fee of £50 plus VAT.

    If you would like to request a copy then please contact of the Employment Law Team.

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