Can anyone use a compass?

Can anyone use a compass?

So there we all were, sat quite happily at our desks one September afternoon, minding our business, when a very innocent looking email arrived from a colleague suggesting that we may wish to volunteer for the Moonraker Challenge.

Like my fellow team members, I thought that this sounded like a rather pleasant evening wander around some equally pleasant gardens and duly signed up... So may I introduce the team:

Back: Sharon Collier, Vicki Thyer, Mel Holdway

Front: Claire Hannaford, Amanda Jones (the ring leader) and Susie Wallace


After signing up it transpires that this is in fact a 7 mile orienteering expedition using maps and a compass. Apparently Google maps will be no good!

After the team had a chat it also transpired that none of us have any idea how to use a map let alone a compass. Luckily, we put out an emergency call and Phil Stocker has come to the rescue and will be giving us a lesson before the event on how to use a compass and map.

We may have signed up for the 7 miles but we all suspect we will end up doing more like 20 miles...

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