Conversion to an Academy

For the Academy conversion process to be efficiently executed, it is essential that we adhere to the time line prescribed by the DfE. Our education experts can provide academy conversion legal advice and a checklist to help you understand the obligations and time frames associated with the process, and work with your key stakeholders to keep the conversion on track.

We will support you and, if required, participate in the consultation process with staff and parents to ensure that every member of the team has an in-depth understanding of how they will be affected by the academy conversion, and the effect it will have on the staff, sponsoring and sponsored schools, and the community at large.

We will ensure that there is a smooth staff transition that complies with TUPE so that all employees are well informed and reassured of their continuing status with the Academy.

We will help you set up a charitable company and advise you on aspects of Charity law and Company law which apply to Academies and how these effect the duties of the governors/trustees.

We will carry out title investigations and prepare transfers of your school site, or negotiate a lease from the local authority. In the event of any land trusts we will work with the trustees to effect continued use of the school site. It is imperative that any agreements protect the continued use of the land by the Academy, thus securing the Academy’s future on the site, as well as protecting any public interest in the land.

We will help you establish relationships with teams of external expert advisors to help you formalise budgets, review accounting practices, and resolve tax and pension issues, if you do not already have these relationships in place.

We will transfer existing contracts to the new Academy and establish additional ones where necessary, ensuring that from the very first day you open your doors as an Academy everything you require is in place.